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Quick Check 800  
รหัส : Honeywell Quick Check 800
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Honeywell Quick Check 800
Test ANSI/CEN/ISO and Traditional Quality Parameters
Menu-Driven for Easy Use
LCD and LEDs Display Test Results Instantly
Command Codes for Instant Programming
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The QC800 Series Bar Code Verifier offers the

convenience of simple aim-and-shoot verification
through the use of a QC3800V, a customized, IT3800
handheld linear imager. Quickly perform pass/fail
testing of dimensional and format quality parameters
like average bar deviation, wide-to-narrow ratios,
encodation, and ANSI/CEN/ISO decodability. Full
traditional and ANSI/CEN/ISO dimensional, reflectance,
and format tests can also be performed using
optional mouse and pen style wands. 


Download PDF (Honeywell Quick Check 800This here. 

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