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Barcode Scanner Datalogic M130 , PM830
รหัส : Barcode Scanner Datalogic M130
เครื่องแสกน Datalogic M130 , PM8300,QD 2300, Scan L
The Gryphon™ reader series has been developed by Datalogic to provide outstanding reading performance and excellent ergonomic design combined with unmatched durability.
จำนวน :

Scanner QC800
รหัส : Honeywell Quick Check 800
Quick Check 800
Honeywell Quick Check 800
Test ANSI/CEN/ISO and Traditional Quality Parameters
Menu-Driven for Easy Use
LCD and LEDs Display Test Results Instantly
Command Codes for Instant Programming

Scanner Metrologic MS9544 Voya
รหัส : Scanner Metrologic MS9544 Voya
Metrologic MS9544 Voyager PDF
Excellent PDF 2D barcode scanner.
จำนวน :

Scanner OPL7734
รหัส : Scanner OPL7734
เครื่องแสกน OPL7734
The OPL7734 handheld barcode scanner features IEEE 802.15.4 based wireless connectivity with the ability to connect multiple scanners through one gateway.
จำนวน :

Scanner OPL2724
รหัส : Scanner OPL2724
เครื่องแสกน OPL2724
The use of the Bluetooth wireless communication protocol allows the scanned data to be transmitted to any mobile device with Bluetooth capability like PDA's and mobile printers, allowing instant real-time data processing.
จำนวน :

Scanner OPI4002
รหัส : Scanner OPI4002
เครื่องแสกน OPI4002
The engine delivers quick decodes and ensures the user that the code will be read every time by means of targeting LEDs.
จำนวน :

Scanner Datalogic Dragon
รหัส : Scanner Datalogic Dragon
เครื่องแสกน Datalogic Dragon
With high performance and rugged construction, the Dragon series scanners will fit your needs at an affordable price.
จำนวน :

Scanner Datalogic Diamond
รหัส : Scanner Datalogic Diamond
เครื่องแสกน Datalogic Diamond
The advanced technology applied to this compact scanner provides major benefits in reading performance and guarantees the highest "First-Pass" decoding rate.
จำนวน :

Scanner Symbol MC9060
รหัส : Scanner Symbol MC9060
เครื่องแสกน Symbol MC9060
A versatile, powerful, rugged device that lets you unlock valuable information from key points in your supply chain.The MC9060 (MC9000 Series) provides a world of scanning options.
จำนวน :

Scanner Symbol P360
รหัส : Scanner Symbol P360
เครื่องแสกน Symbol P360
Suited for rugged environments makes this a perfect choice for the warehouse, yard, and loading dock.
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